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Preparing a party?

Are you prepping for a party? Is it your childs birthday party, a big celebration, a wedding, a retriement party? Whatever the occasion may be you can order themed sweet cones from us.

We have a huge selection of pre-filled sweet treats, perfect for any event. 

They make great party bags, wedding favours, thankyous or just a little treat for your party!

If you have a colour, theme or style we can create them bespoke to your requirements get in touch and we look forward to designing your sweet party cones for you.

Offering a HUGE selection of Sweet Cones at All Things Sweet we offer Pre Filled Sweet cones for all occasion.

We can supply these cones locally in Lincolnshire but also across the UK by delivery with Royal Mail or Hermes.

Here’s some Top Tips for Planning a party

A month before:

Select a date and time

Keep a date in mind, but don’t narrow yourself down to just one day. Be flexible and check whether the most important guests are available for your chosen date. If you have a favourite place where you want to organise your event, it’s also good to check with the venue beforehand to see if they are available for hire on your selected day.

Decide on a theme

Decide what type of party you’d like to host and book/decorate your venue accordingly.

Plan your guestlist

Begin deciding whom you would like to invite, bearing in mind that expected turnout is usually around the 70-80% mark.

Determine your budget

Be realistic and concentrate on where you’d like to splurge and save.

Hire a venue or host it yourself

Choose whether you’d like to host your party at a specific venue or at home. Consider the number of guests you plan to invite and the activities you want to do. Hosting at home can save you a lot of money.

Book entertainment and extras

DJs, bands and photo booths are all popular options – just be sure to let the venue manager know what you’re planning in advance.

Plan the food

Consider everyone’s needs. Do your guests have allergies or special dietary requirements? If you’re taking charge of the cooking, devise a menu that’s easy to prepare and will also accommodate all your guests. If you’re using external caterers, be sure to let them know all the important details before they begin proposing a menu.  

Order the Party Bags

Contact to order your Sweet Cones themed to your party, colours specific, personalised labels and design

Send the invites

Your invitations should include the date and time, dress code, and party theme and a number to RSVP so you know how many guests to plan for!

Get some assitance

If you’ve hired a venue, find out who your go-to staff at the venue will be. If you’re organising from home, try and enlist a few friend

The week before:

Finish DIY projects

Making your own decorations or finalising your party plan? Inviting your helper friends over can make for a fun pre-party!

Make a party playlist

Music will set the tone for the rest of your party. Aim to get the floor filled early, but don’t waste all your biggest tracks at the beginning! Build the atmosphere while keeping things upbeat. 

Plan the Party Games

Decide what games you want to play and get the prizes ready and wrapped!

Speak to the neighbours

If you’re hosting a party at home, check-in with the neighbours to let them know there will be a party taking place. Communicate with them to see if they have any specific boundaries or desires, or allow them to make plans to go out themselves. Of course, you can always invite them to the party as well! 

Shop for last-minute items

Forgotten something, or realised you need some extra items at the last moment? Now’s your chance to buy them!

Charge your camera

Imagine not being able to capture the best moments of your party! Fully charging your camera the day before will make sure this won’t happen.


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