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World Chocolate Day

July 7th – Happy Chocolate Day! For those of you that don’t know Thursday this week marks World Chocolate Day!

As if we need a better excuse to eat Chocolate – why not celebrate by ordering one of our Chocolate sweet boxes for the family to enjoy! We have lots of fun and unusual shaped chocolate treats along with those iconic chocolate treats from any retro sweet shop or pick n mix tubs!

We will share with you our Top 3 Chocolate treats

  • Chocolate Mice Both children and adults love our milk and white chocolate mice so they make an excellent choice for any pick ’n’ mix or bag of sweets.
  • Chocolate Snowies Tasty white chocolate buttons, sprinkled with a multicoloured, light candy coating – what’s not to love? These Snowies are a pick ‘n’ mix favourite that kids both big and small adore! Eye-catching and moreish! We also have milk chocolate jazzies available
  • Chocolate Brazils these delicious Milk Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts are a true classic, crunchy brazil nuts covered in creamy milk chocolate.

What is your favourite chocolate treat and how are you celebrating World Chocolate Day? Let us know in the comments below..

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